New! Sermon Series | September 18 – October 23

Powers in our world fight to assign our worth to things we do and to the roles we occupy. We believe God has called us to counter this narrative and ask ourselves: “Who has Christ called us to be?” and “What makes up the foundation of our Christian identity?”

In this 6-week sermon series, members of our Vision Team will define and teach the core outcomes that emerge from our identity in Christ. This Christ-centered DNA describes the center of who we are as people in God’s family for a life of eternal impact.

Background Information

Since April 2021, Good Shepherd has been on a journey to envision where God is calling us for the next season of ministry and church life. Our Vision Team has spent many hours in collaboration, reflection, and deep prayer seeking God’s provision and guidance. As we embrace a moment of transformation and change, we are eager to dive deeper into these outcomes as they set the course for all we can be through Christ’s transformative power.

Let’s walk together as God Pursuers, Stronghold Breakers, Gift Users, Relationship Builders, Faith Sharers, and Generous Givers!

DNA Resources

Check out this playlist to watch DNA’s live-streamed services and message recordings. In addition, resources for each Mission Outcome will be updated weekly.

God Pursuer

Stronghold Breaker

Gift User

Relationship Builder

Faith Sharer

Generous Giver

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