While what we believe and our understanding of God’s purpose for us comes from the Bible, Good Shepherd approaches ministry shaped by our vision framework.


Inviting everyone to walk together in the calling of Christ for a life of eternal impact.

Mission Outcomes

As we live out our faith with one another, we believe that Christ calls us to be a…

  • God Pursuer
  • Stronghold Breaker
  • Gift User
  • Relationship Builder
  • Faith Sharer
  • Generous Giver

Through the Local Church

Research shows that 60-70% of the people in Naperville and the surrounding communities don’t have a church home. It stands to reason that many of these people also don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that’s why God has placed our ministry where it is today. Good Shepherd is focused on serving the spiritual needs of our local community and on leveraging the time, talents and financial resources of people in this area to help others in our community, across the nation and around the world.