Need a fresh start?

Life can get overwhelming, out of control, and off track. We experienced disruption on unprecedented levels this past year. Many of us are still reeling and striving to discover a new way forward. 

There is hope to start anew! We have a God who specializes in comebacks and new beginnings. As we enter a new season of ministry, explore with us how God brings a fresh start in the lives of his people through the incredible story of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah paired his vision with his enthusiasm, and inspired the people of Jerusalem to rebuild the walls in just 52 days! As one Church in Christ, let’s take that number of ‘52’ and embark on a journey to grow deeper in faith and service!

Let’s come together to accomplish these goals as a church:

  • Sponsor 52 kids
  • Read 52 Chapters of the Bible
  • 5,200 hours served church-wide
  • Over the next 35 days, spend a minute and a half every day in prayer (for a total of 52 minutes) for the renewal, health, and growth of the Church (Good Shepherd as well as global)

Bible Reading List

In order to really do this together as a church, we’ve created a quick form to track our progress!

Let us know which goals you’ve completed here.