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In addition to the resources below, we partner with local resources, including SamaraCare, Edgewood, and Linden Oaks, which have the ability to offer their services online due to the pandemic.

Live Another Day

Live Another Day has extensive information on mental health and substance abuse resources for/by the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community. Its mission is to pursue equal access to life-saving and recovery care resources. Learn more here.

NAMI Mental Health Support

A warmline is a confidential, non-crisis emotional support telephone hotline staffed by peer volunteers who are in recovery. Callers will find an empathetic listener to talk through their feelings. To find a warmline that serves your area, visit the NAMI HelpLine Warmline Directory. NAMI hosts online communities where people exchange support and encouragement. These Discussion Groups can easily be joined by visiting


Free online text chat with a trained listener for emotional support and counseling. Also offers fee-for-service online therapy with a licensed mental health professional. 7Cups and its online resources are also offered in Spanish. Learn more here.


DivorceCare is a biblical, Christ-centered divorce support group ministry. Using videos and workbooks, participants will discover how the gospel brings hope and restoration. DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) is a program that complements the adult support group, helping single parents and their children find biblical, Christ-centered healing. Learn more here.

Emotions Anonymous

An international fellowship of people who desire to have a better sense of emotional well-being. EA members have online weekly meetings with 600 active groups worldwide. The EA is nonprofessional and can be a complement to therapy. Learn more here.

Sexual Addiction Recovery

Whether through fantasy, masturbation, compulsive relationships, pornography, or any other form of sexual addiction, L.I.F.E. Recovery International can help you to Live In Freedom Everyday. Without a Recovery Plan that addresses the sources of pain, we are prone to switch addictions. The healing of core issues in a safe L.I.F.E. Group environment develops healthy intimacy skills. Learn more here.

Support Group Central

Offers virtual support groups on numerous mental health conditions – free or low-cost. The website is also offered in Spanish. Learn more here.

Website featuring 200+ online support groups. Learn more here.

For Like Minds

An online mental health support network that allows for individuals to connect with others who are living with or supporting someone with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and stressful life events. Learn more here.


Offers a free, peer-to-peer online support community for those struggling with a wide range of mental health issues. Learn more here.


Offers online mental health resources, quizzes, news, an “Ask the Therapist” function, and online support communities. Learn more here.

Alcoholics Anonymous

A directory of online meetings seven days a week. Learn more here.


Substance abuse and mental health services. Learn more here.

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