First Communion is a monumental time in every child’s life.  Each January, all parents and their children, ages 4th grade and older, are invited to join us on a 4 1/2 hour retreat, which focuses on the importance of the eternal gift Christ has blessed us with.

THIS IS A TWO-PART EVENT. In order to participate in the First Communion worship service, FULL participation in the entire retreat is essential.


Fourth grade is the age we begin to invite children to receive 1st Communion. We encourage you to determine if your child is ready. To help you make that decision, think about if your child:

  • Has an understanding of sin and knows the difference between right and wrong.
  • Recognizes that we are all sinners and that Jesus paid the penalty for our sin.
  • Desires to have an ongoing relationship with Jesus.


  • 1st Communicants will come with their parents, or other significant adult, to learn more about who God is and what Communion is.
  • The cost is $35 per child for the day. This includes lunch and materials.
  • Scholarships are available if needed.
  • Childcare is available for siblings for a $15 fee per child.


  • Invite family to a special 1st Communion Service
  • Optional cake reception following
  • If you cannot attend, your child can receive communion on the next Sunday your family comes to church. Please understand that 1st Communicants will only be recognized at the 1st Communion Service.

Registration begins in November for the next First Communion Retreat and Service. 

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