A weekend retreat of spiritual renewal!

Most of us realize something is missing in our lives and want help with that feeling. We all want a community; we all want a home; a sense of connection and a sense of family in the church. We want to find our place in the family of God. 

Good Shepherd wants to help welcome people into that journey of spiritual connection and fellowship. A Renewal Weekend by CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) is a great starting point.

This powerful weekend retreat results in spiritual growth and is often described as life-changing. Participants attend a 2-day, 1-overnight renewal weekend at Good Shepherd to focus on where they are in their spiritual journeys. Music, faith sharing, communion, and individual and group activities help them reflect on their current relationship with God and inspire them to be open to the way God is working in their lives.

Men and women attend separate weekends. Church membership is not required. CRHP groups tend to stay connected beyond the retreat, either in continued fellowship or service to the church.

Men’s Renewal Weekend: every May

Women’s Renewal Weekend: every September

Hope Renews CRHP 2.0

Saturday, February 29, 8:30am-5pm

This will be a full day to celebrate what God has done in our lives and to seek renewal in our faith today. Anyone who has attended a men’s or women’s CRHP at Good Shepherd is welcome to attend.

Participants will reconnect with their CRHP friends; revisit and reflect on their spiritual growth as a result of their CRHP experiences; hear stories of growth; worship; sing praises to God; and leave inspired to continue their journeys to serve the Lord.

The cost per person is $20. This fee will cover food(light breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages), gifts, and the supplies needed to create the event. Online registration is strongly encouraged and will be available through February 24.

Scholarships are available. For details, please contact Pastor PJ Malin at: malin@goodshepherd-naperville.org


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