Sunday, 9am CT in-person and online

Sunday, 10:30am CT in-person

We are able to WORSHIP TOGETHER, no matter where you are during the 9am service!

Live-streamed recordings will be available for on-demand viewing. Most recent services found here.

We hope to plan for additional service times in the future, as resources become more available and as safety guidelines allow.

If available you may register for In-person services here.

Traditional worship services are held in the Sanctuary. Liturgical readings are delivered by members of the congregation; the pastor shares a message which connects the enduring lessons of Jesus Christ to today’s environment. Services include prayer requests lifted up together as a congregation,  time-honored hymns led by the organ, sacred vocal solos and/or Festival Choir. Holy Communion offered every Sunday for in-person services.

If available, you may register for in-person services here.

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