At every service, we sing 3 or 4 worship songs together. We invite you to join in—not because God needs it, but because there’s something so powerful about joining our voices in worship to God together, whether in-person or online.

The teaching team includes both male and female voices, rotating every week. Sermons are usually about 25-30 minutes long.

Communion is received every weekend. A blessing is also offered if you are not ready to receive communion. 

Worship Styles

Sunday, 10:01am CST livestream

Our casual contemporary worship services deliver the message of Jesus Christ in an engaging multi-media format. Worship music is led by eleven eleven, a full contemporary Christian band. Their music is a mixture of current praise and worship songs, as well as original compositions.

Sunday, 8:30am CST livestream

Traditional worship services are held in the Sanctuary. Includes liturgical readings, time-honored hymns led by the organ, sacred vocal solos and/or the Festival Choir.

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