What is Serving in the Summer?

We want our community to experience the love of God through our church.  Everyone is invited to join us this summer on a journey of serving! Our goal is that by September 9, at least 2,020 people from Good Shepherd will complete at least one act of service in our community. Whether it is mowing the lawn for a neighbor in need, or going to Guatemala for a mission trip to help install clean water filters….any act of service counts!

Download Serving in the Summer cards to print at home.


Here is how you can participate:

Check out our list of serving ideas

Our team helped create a list of serving opportunities to get your creative juices flowing.  You can do an idea we suggested or one of your own.

This list includes ideas for service projects and random acts of kindness. Serving in the Summer is meant to show our community God’s love through service. No act is too small! (serving ideas)

Tell us your story

This is the most important step.  Let us know what you do, how many served with you, and a little bit about your experience.  Your responses will help us track progress toward the goal.

Optional steps:

Put your event on the calendar

If you have a serving idea that others can participate in, put it on our calendar.



Apply for seed money

There are opportunities to obtain funds to help jump start your serving. For example, if you want to pack bags of school supplies to donate to students in need, you can apply for “seed money” through Thrivent or Good Shepherd missions to help pay for the supplies.

THRIVENT MEMBERS apply for seed money: If you are a Thrivent member please check out this link to apply for a grant through Thrivent: https://www.thrivent.com/making-a-difference/living-generously/thrivent-action-teams/

NON-THRIVENT MEMBERS: Apply for seed money.


Join the Good Shepherd family for Serving in the Summer. Be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community!