Camille Sheehan

Accounting Coordinator

Hi, my name is Camille Sheehan.

I started working right out of high school at the Hyatt Regency Chicago and continued working in Accounting Departments throughout my adulthood. For some years I also owned a dance studio with my cousin in Orland Park. We taught the classics…ballet, tap, modern and jazz.

I am married for over 31 years to Mike Sheehan, who I met at the gym back about 50lbs ago. We have two children, Ryan and Rebecca, a son-in-law Devyn and a new pup named Pepper.

I love working on jigsaw puzzles, especially 1,000 pieces or more. For some reason as I peruse the pieces worship songs are in my head and I actually feel like it is my special time to connect with God.

Fun fact…I love the seasons for their smells most of all! Winter’s crisp and extra fresh air…summer grass when it’s cut etc. Sometimes I just stand outside, close my eyes and breathe. This is extra special if someone is baking in the Fall!