Jeff Rubin


I have been a part of the Good Shepherd family for the better part of 30 years. I have served in Fuel and Ignite as support for lighting, sound, and lyrics as well as behind the scenes set up, tear down, and clean-up activities. I participated in CRHP 11 and helped present CRHP to several other groups over the years. I was on the original creative team that helped establish the 11:11 service in the Gym and provided tech support as well. I also served on the church council and spent one year as the church council president.

I have seen God work through the Holy Spirit at Good Shepherd in many ways over the years. One example has been watching youth grow up in Good Shepherd leave for college and a career only to later be called by God to be critical ministry leaders within Good Shepherd. I have also personally participated in 5 mission trips and seen God work to provide support to people in severe need in Guatemala. I have also felt God’s love and support through the small group ministry.

My wife Janice and I have three adult children Josh, Jami, and Jessica. Yes, all of our first names start with a “J”. We used to sign our Christmas Card J5. Sorry, Hammer not the Jackson 5. We also have 7 grandchildren none with a first name starting with a “J”. The end of an era.

I strongly believe God loves the family of Good Shepherd and He has already picked out our new Senior and Associate pastor. Our commission is to follow the Spirit on this journey to discover His choice. I would ask that all the congregation please pray for us to continually seek God’s will in this process.