Karen Brennan

Worship Producer

My words cannot describe how blessed I am to be a part of our Good Shepherd family. Jesus woke me up here and revealed a new life in Him. What a gift!

A brief backstory ~ I was born in California, raised in Colorado, and met my love and husband of 30 years, Kevin, at DePaul. Our journey at Good Shepherd began back in 2016, and I started working here a couple of years later. We live in Wheaton, where we raised our four wonderful kids, Kate, Meaghan, Matt, and Abbie. We are now empty-nesters with the exception of our extra-large and sloppy pup, Boulder. For many of our children’s younger years I was a stay-at-home mom wearing lots of volunteer hats. I went back into the paid work force and have had a variety of jobs, from working in the schools aiding and substitute teaching, to designing spaces in homes. 

Here at Good Shepherd I look after details of the worship services. You can find me behind the scenes, or at the doors of the Worship Center on Sundays as you come and go. I also tend to our decor needs here in a variety of ways. If you know me, you know I am in love with “light and life.” Yes! Our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! Playfully, in the decor realm, that also means lots of flowers, plants and candles (often all over the cafe)!

I am like a child in my faith, and deeply desire learning, healing, and growing in Him. Feel free to share with me your journey. We can grow…together!