Kathy Felton


God is definitely at work in this place! He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow but the church is not. We go through seasons of growth and seasons of pruning. With pruning, the tree becomes stronger. I know God will support us through this period if we are faithful and true to His Word, and because of Him, a better lampstand to carry His light out into the world.

Fun Fact: My home church as a youth was St. Mark Lutheran in Mt. Prospect, IL. In
1995, pregnant with my 2nd child, my husband John and I attended St. Mark’s 50th-anniversary celebration and found out during a presentation that it had financially supported a start-up church in Naperville, IL - GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN! Additionally, when GShep embarked on fundraising for our building expansion, we offered to repay St. Mark for the loan. They instead forgave it in support of our expansion. God is good all the time! It was such a God-sighting that the church I loved as a youth helped fund the church our children would grow up in. Our 2 daughters, now adults, have grown up in this place from Baptisms to Weddings.

Kathy has been benefiting and serving as a member of Good Shepherd since 1993. She has served in the Sunday school, Preschool, Acolyte program, Worship Team (back when it was all volunteers), Altar Guild, Usher Team, Ignite HS Ministry and now serves on the Associate Pastor Call Team.