Pete Raineri


Pete has been a member of Good Shepherd since September 2002 and has been discerned to the Associate Pastor Call Team this year. I participated in various local ministries and mission trips to Honduras and Ecuador. I was discerned as the Spiritual Director for his CRHP group. In 2004, on a Good Shepherd Mission Trip to Honduras I gave my life to Christ… and actually gave my life to Christ! My prior sinful life and worldly worship was gone and I began my path to a Godly life.

Since 2004 I have been led by my Lord Jesus Christ and will follow Him. He led Angie and I to the mission field as Good Shepherd sent family landing in 2008. He said “church plant France” in 2013 while we were in Honduras and we moved and arrived in Germany for our twins final two years in High School, and in 2016 we landed in France to a small town north of Paris, Lamorlaye. We began the process of walking with Him, and seeing his church grow until He sent us a pastor and released us from that call in 2021. We moved back to the US in May of 2022 and began a process of rest, renewal and discerning where He will send us next.

I love my wife of 27 years Angie, my five children, and eight grandchildren, but my love of God, and His word is paramount in my life.