Ryan Hammer

Creative Arts Executive Minister

Ryan is so grateful to be a part of this wonderful church! With a Bachelor's degree in Film Production from Columbia College and a Master's in Education from Aurora University, he brings a varied skill set to his role at Good Shepherd.

Ryan has a big heart for his Good Shepherd church family. This is not Ryan’s ‘job,’ it’s his ‘home.’ He has attended Good Shepherd since he was in 7th grade and has grown up learning from some amazing mentors along the way. He stands on their shoulders right now and he hopes to be the shoulders on which the next generation of leaders in the church can stand on. His journey of learning the importance of serving started back in 8th grade when he joined the Tech Team, running the soundboard for Sunday morning services.

His musical gifting grew as he was a part of the first-ever Good Shepherd youth worship team, Xtremities. This transitioned into serving with the 8th Day praise band throughout high school and college. He officially joined the Good Shepherd staff in 2004 and was a part of the creation of the 11:11 service which then expanded into a whole new contemporary worship offering for the church. With many of his friends and team members, Ryan has been a part in writing many new songs for the Church such as “Let My Life Be a Love Song,” “Adore the King,” “Fullness of Heaven,” “In the Present,” “Lift Our Eyes,” “Radiant,” “Ever Near,” and many more.

Ryan believes the best is yet to come for Good Shepherd!

Ryan’s greatest joy is his family! His wife, Bethany, is his greatest inspiration and they have 3 wonderful children that keep them busy. He enjoys spending time with them, as well as playing with his acoustic band, Tres Moustache, and reading about Walt Disney.