New Guest Tours will start at the Connect Center immediately following each service for the entire weekend. Tour guides will walk new guests throughout Good Shepherd. We welcome all guests to come and enjoy a tour and ask questions.

Upcoming New Guest Tours:

May 23-24
July 11-12
August 22-23
September 19-20
October 17-18
November 14-15

New Member Orientation consists of one 2.5-3 hour class that allows new members to:

  • Build relationships with our pastors, staff and other members.
  • Learn our vision, purpose and core values.
  • Gain an understanding of our spiritual foundations, and how they are lived out in practice and sacrament.
  • Discover what it means to become a member at Good Shepherd. A commitment to connect through worship, learning, caring, fellowship and outreach.
  • Engage in the journey of Good Shepherd- where we’ve been and the vision for the future.

Childcare will be provided at all sessions (you MUST register for childcare via the links below); all childcare providers have passed a background check and we have the capability to provide support for children with special needs if it is needed. We encourage middle and high school-aged students to attend as well. We have developed a new program along with our children and student ministries to provide all new members with a meaningful experience. In order to participate in these programs please make sure to register your child at least three days before the new member orientation.  A light lunch and/or snacks will be provided at both the Saturday and Sunday classes.

Luncheons to honor our new members will take place in February, June, and December. All new members who go through New Member Orientation will attend the luncheon that follows their class.

Upcoming New Member Orientation Dates:

Register here for Saturday, May 30

Register here for Sunday, July 19

If you have any questions please contact Jess Colonero at

Email Leader