World Gospel Outreach (WGO) is a protestant, non-denominational, evangelical ministry that operates in the Central American countries of Honduras and Belize. Good Shepherd has attended Serve Team mission trips with WGO for almost 20 years now, usually in October.

In Honduras, WGO serves the underserved population by partnering with local churches and other USA churches to provide medical/dental/optical clinics with much-needed physician care, medications, Vacation Bible Schools, evangelism, children’s outreach, etc. Also, in Honduras, WGO operates Rancho Ebenezer (a place where displaced children get to grow up in a bilingual Christian environment in family houses). Here, WGO operates a school, which provides an excellent bilingual education.

In Belize, WGO also serves the underserved through local churches and ministries. Teams partner with local churches to further disciple and strengthen the local body of believers. For Serve Teams, there is no formal age restriction. However, if you have someone interested in joining your team that is 14 years or under, we ask that you please request the WGO Field Director’s approval prior to making any commitments.

All communications and plans are made through the Manager of Serve Teams in the US. Joining a Serve Team typically costs an average of $1,500-1,700 per person, with the biggest expense component being variable airfare expenses.

Learn more about WGO here.