Marriage Ministry’s vision is to reach and have God transform spiritually distracted couples so they love and serve God.

In the spirit of God’s love, we ask married couples to…

  • Enrich their relationship with each other. 
  • Begin or continue a journey centered with God and based on trust. 
  • Dig deeper into their feelings to become closer and achieve the relationship which they seek.

We realize this experience can be challenging and elusive – attitudes and the demands of ordinary life block the way. Skimming the surface of our relationship will not tear down the walls that have built up over time. Growth happens when we experience the beauty of marriage and share what we have learned with others in our community.

Events offered at Good Shepherd include:

  • Churchwide events for married couples designed to assist them to enrich their relationship
  • Small group activities centered on married couples and drawing on the strengths of the group
  • Video and written material selected to encourage meaningful dialogue
  • Date nights


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