Current Outreach Opportunities Include:

– Rebuilding Together Aurora Serve Event September 25 & 25
– Churchwide challenge to sponsor 52 children!
– Help those impacted by Hurricane Ida
– Pray for the people of Haiti and Afghanistan and practical steps to help below
– Assemble a Thrivent Action Team!
– Loaves and Fishes Community Services HERE
– Feed my Starving Children HERE

Full details for all these opportunities are below.

Good Shepherd Team at RTA Event

Rebuilding Together Aurora Event – September 24 & 25

We are partnering with Rebuilding Together Aurora to complete a home restoration in Aurora for a family with disabilities. All of our work will be outdoors, including painting, landscaping, clean-up, restoration of a ramp, and other outdoor home repairs. All skill levels are welcome! Our workday will be from 8 am – 4 pm both days, 1/2 day sign up is also available. Join us as TOGETHER we make an impact in the life of this Aurora family! Learn more and sign up to help here.

Churchwide Challenge – together, let’s sponsor 52 children!

A huge thank you to those who have signed up to sponsor a child! We want to track towards our goal and celebrate each and every NEW sponsorship! If you signed up online, please email your sponsored child’s name, and home country to our Director of Missions HERE

If you are considering partnering with us to sponsor a child, we have sponsorship opportunities with three of our long-time mission partners.

– Cheryl’s Children’s Home, Nairobi, Kenya
– Hearts in Motion, Pueblo Modelo, Guatemala
– World Gospel Outreach, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

There is a need for sponsorships in all locations! Sponsorships and what they cover vary from location to location. If you would like to learn more before you make a selection, please email our Director of Missions HERE We will also have representatives from our mission team each Sunday after all worship services through October 10th.

Cheryl’s Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya

Cheryl’s Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya

Cheryl’s was founded to rescue abandoned, orphaned children from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Their remarkable journey included eviction and relocating to a sub-par temporary facility. The search for a permanent home has been years in the making. This summer, we broke ground on a new facility that will become their permanent site!  There is still a long journey ahead, but we are now a few steps closer to realizing the dream of a new school and dormitories by the Summer of 2022. This will impact the quality of life for these precious children including 70 orphans living at Cheryl’s and another 175 students from nearby slums who attend K-8 school at Cheryl’s and receive 2 meals a day.

Our mission is incomplete. There are 26 children at CCH needing sponsorship to cover their schooling costs!

Each Sunday through October 10th, our mission team will be present to joyfully match you with a child awaiting sponsorship! For students K-8, the cost is $40 a month, high school students are $75 a month. If you are unable to come when our team is there, please email us for a digital copy of student profiles HERE

Watch students learning at Cheryl’s HERE


World Gospel Outreach, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Providing Healing and growth for at-risk children in Honduras! WGOKids is the child sponsorship program of World Gospel Outreach. It is the fund that supports individual children who are under our care at Rancho Ebenezer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Located in the mountains just outside the capital city, Rancho Ebenezer is a community of family-style homes that has been developed as a place for healing and growth for at-risk children in Honduras.

This program offers you an opportunity to give hope for a far better future to a child or a group of siblings by your financial partnership and prayers.

A WGOKids sponsorship starts at $40 per month per child. Each sponsorship helps to provide for the child’s holistic care in the form of food, lodging, education, in-home care, counseling, medical expenses, legal expenses, transportation, clothing, supplies, and any other individualized needs they may have.

Watch Rancho Ebenezer video HERE
See children needing sponsorship HERE

Hearts in Motion School Sponsorship Program

Hearts in Motion, Pueblo Modelo, Guatemala

Education is among the 5 basic human rights. However, in some parts of Guatemala, it is not accessible for most families.  For many parents, it is very difficult to provide basic necessities for their children such as food and shelter. Many of the parents work in agriculture (agricultural work in Guatemala is seasonal and yields limited income for families). Consequently, many of their children end up working in the fields by the age of eight.

The School Sponsorship Program admits children into the program from daycare/preschool through 12thgrade.  Good Shepherd partnered with HIM to build a preschool in Pueblo Modelo in 2018.  At the beginning of each year, HIM pays for school registration, purchases, and distributes school uniforms, gym uniforms, shoes, backpacks, and supplies for sponsored and unsponsored children in the school program. In addition, HIM pays monthly tuition, bus fares, and internet café fees for research/homework throughout the year for some of the children.  

Your $35.00/month sponsorship will provide uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and an education. Preschool children also have access to medical and dental care, and nutritious meals.

See children needing sponsorship HERE

Disaster Relief for Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida made landfall near New Orleans on Aug. 29 – exactly 16 years after Hurricane Katrina. As a strong Category 4 storm, Hurricane Ida’s 150 mph winds, torrential rain, and strong storm surge caused widespread flooding and wind damage in southeastern Louisiana and coastal Mississippi. On Sept. 1, the remnants of Hurricane Ida barreled through the Northeast, leaving devastation in their wake. New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey were hit with historic flash flooding and tornadoes touched down in Maryland and New Jersey. Homes and subways filled with water, cars were swept away and the death toll continues to rise.

Your generous giving to Good Shepherd already supports the Lutheran Disaster Response Fund. Provide additional support designated for those impacted by Hurrican Ida HERE

Disaster Relief in Haiti

Haiti is one of the most food-insecure places in the world, and it’s difficult to overstate the level of crisis the country is currently facing. Still reeling from the presidential assassination in July, Haiti strains under the weight of an ongoing pandemic, political and civil unrest, skyrocketing food prices, paralyzing fuel shortages — and now this earthquake.

What can you do?

  • Pray for the miraculous recovery of those still missing and safety for rescue personnel.
  • Pray for hope for the many Haitians experiencing the loss of loved ones. 
  • Pray for continued provision and smooth and speedy transportation of FMSC food to those who need it and safe passage for other mission partners who are responding with disaster relief.
  • Help fund emergency meals being sent through FMSC HERE
  • Samaritan’s Purse has airlifted an Emergency Field Hospital to provide lifesaving medical care to Haiti’s earthquake-devastated communities. Support their efforts HERE
  • Your generous giving to Good Shepherd already supports ELCA World Hunger and the Lutheran Disaster Response Fund. Provide additional support designated for Haiti HERE


In the days after Taliban forces took control of Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul, thousands have attempted to flee the country. United Nations groups warn of a humanitarian catastrophe. Women’s rights groups, in particular, are uncertain of what Taliban rule will mean for the future of women and girls.

Learn how you can take practical action and support Afghan Refugees through Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services HERE

Prayers for Afghanistan
You’ve read the news stories and seen the images of the situation in Afghanistan as the Taliban takes over much of the region. Join us in praying for the country and refugees. In the midst of unrelenting trauma and violence, Jesus offers unfailing hope and love. But almost all 38 million Afghans have yet to know or understand who He is. And those who choose to follow Him risk their lives. Today, we ask God for His mercy over this nation. Watch this Prayercast video and join believers around the world in prayer HERE

World Gospel Outreach LIVE Facebook Event
Last week we featured a live Facebook event from Honduras for a first-hand look at how your generosity continues to supports brigades in Honduras reaching people with medical needs and the Gospel of Jesus! Due to the Pandemic, we have been unable to send a mission team for the past two summers. This has been heartbreaking for us! We are so grateful for the creative ways that WGO has found to continue the ministry. Through WGO’s Carepay program, Good Shepherd has funded two days of outreach using the WGO staff on the ground in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. If you missed our Facebook event, you can watch the recorded video  HERE   (

Watch on youtube HERE 

Learn more about carepay HERE

Packing Meals at FMSC!

Feed My Starving Children.

In-person serving. Great for families and small groups! FMSC’s Aurora location has enhanced safety procedures due to COVID-19:
• The new packing setup has been changed to accommodate group sizes of one to five people.
• Children must be age 5 or older to participate.
• Masks are required (bring your own)
• A reservation is required; no walk-ins will be accepted.
• Watch a video on what to expect when packing HERE
• General sign up for FMSC serving HERE

Hesed House

Hesed House is the second-largest homeless shelter in Illinois and a long-time mission partner of Good Shepherd. Helping the most vulnerable among us remains one of our highest priorities.

Our team serves breakfast and dinner to the guests at Hesed House six times a year. Our next serving opportunity is on November 10 & 11. Sign-up will be available two weeks prior.

Thrivent Action Teams

If you are a Thrivent Member, you are eligible for a $250 gift card to support community-involved service projects. Please consider partnering with Good Shepherd to put this money into action with our current community outreach efforts! Together we can make an impact! We will walk you through the easy process step by step. Current needs are school supplies for low-income school districts and cancer care bags for a new support ministry at Good Shepherd. EMAIL LEADER to learn more!

Serving at Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes Community Services

This local food pantry and ministry partner is serving over 1,000 families per week with grocery assistance during the Pandemic.

In-person serving options through Loaves and Fishes:
• Great need for individuals who can lift 20-pound boxes
• If you are a new volunteer, complete an online volunteer profile HERE.

DuPage Care Center

Good Shepherd has a long relationship with DuPage Care Center, where we have been serving the Senior Community since 2000. During the Pandemic, our team has found new and creative ways to support this community, including streaming online worship services, providing music in the courtyard, hosting virtual coffee hours, organizing puzzle drives, and care bag donations. Email our leader below to get connected in any of these ways:
Music Performances: Do you sing or play an instrument? Help us to delight Seniors by providing music in the courtyards outside resident rooms. Youth are welcomed and encouraged! Date: Monday-Friday 9 am- 3:00 pm (depending on the area).
Shopping: Since residents can’t go out and shop, we are looking for volunteers who would want to shop for them.
Participating in Virtual Coffee Hour:  We have a Good Shepherd team that is hosting a virtual coffee hour to connect and communicate with Residents.

Additionally, DuPage Care Center has put together an Amazon wishlist to help support its residents and their quality of life during COVID-19 restrictions. Learn ways to help support HERE.


Read more about the inspirational impact of our outreach here

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