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Advent Series in the Worship Center

"Why Jesus?"

Advent Sermon Series in the Worship Center

A deep look into the very nature of Christ's coming to Earth in the form of a baby.
Join us to learn why this season of light is so important interms of:

Situation- Why then, and why there?
Incarnation- Why was God made flesh as a baby?
Emmanuel(ation) - The why and how of 'God with us'
Salvation - Why are we saved?

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Advent Series in the Sanctuary

"Beyond Happiness"

Advent Sermon Series in the Sanctuary

Join us as we look towards the light of the season in the form of our Lord Jesus. “Beyond Happiness” will focus on something more profound than mere happiness… Joy!

Week 1 – Why is Joy important?
Week 2 – Why do we lose Joy?
Week 3 – How do we receive Joy?
Week 4 – How do we give Joy?

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Christmas Eve is one of our busiest days of the year at Good Shepherd. Please follow these guidelines to help ensure safety and steady traffic flow in our parking lot. Be aware of the setup. The parking lot will be set up to have ONE ENTRANCE (closest to 75th Street) and TWO EXITS. Signage will be...
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