Journey with our team serving in Guatemala!

Our team arrived safely in Guatemala on Tuesday. Wednesday, they woke up to this gorgeous sunrise to start their day! God is good! Please join in praying for Sue, Tom, and Corey Halford who will be serving in Guatemala through January 25th. You can journey with them through regular posts and videos providing you a first-hand look at the work they are doing! Thanks for partnering with us as together we make an impact in Guatemala!

A visit to the children at the Nutrition Center

After breakfast on Wednesday, we traveled to Gualan, where the Nutrition Center is.  We reunited with old friends and were amazed at their large garden and chicken coops.  Herbs and vegetables are grown to feed the children and staff with plenty of extras to sell to locals.  Children are in charge of the garden from planting the seeds to watering to picking when ripe.  They also tend to the chickens collecting fresh eggs each day.  They are learning great life skills. 

Helping to tend the chickens at the Nutrition Center
Giving the Nutrition Center a new coat of paint

Delivering homemade quilts to a family who recently had a house fire.

One of the projects our team will be working on is building a cinder block home for a family in need. In the video below, you will see how the family is currently living. We will share a video of when the project is complete! You might be amazed to learn that the cost of building this home is around $3,000. This new home will be life-changing for this family! Increased health and quality of life, what an impact!

The current home is made with mud walls and dirt floors.

Our team is building a home for a student at the Learning Center in Pueblo Modelo who currently lives in a home with mud walls and dirt floors.  Along with her father, two local masons, and a local 16-year-old who is their apprentice, the foundation was dug and cinder block walls are going up. 

The pila, or community clothes washing facility, was one of the first projects we did in Pueblo Modelo.  While it was initially filled with water by the local bomberos (fire department), after many attempts, a well was dug and a pump lowered to fill the pila.  This was a major undertaking financed by GSLC.  Many who have traveled to Pueblo Modelo will appreciate the completion of the well and pila!  Pictured is Elmer and his sons who oversee the pila and pump.

Our team is safely home! They are overjoyed at the success of the trip! They got to visit old friends, re-connect with the community, and do some amazing work including building a home! Life-changing! Are you interested in joining us on our next trip? Let us know you are interested!

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