One in five of us in any given year suffers from depression, anxiety, or some other mental health disorder. That means, in each of our families, we all care for someone who faces this pain. The problem doesn’t go away just because we have faith.

While it can’t take the place of medical professionals, the church can offer something unique, and that is hope. There is hope in knowing that you are not alone, you are valued, and you are loved.

The role of the our ministry:

Raise awareness.

Through the sharing of information and statistics, we hope to raise awareness of mental health issues. Click for statistics.

Remove the stigma.

Mental illness is just that – an illness. We hope to reduce the stigma about mental illness by having open and honest dialogue about mental health and by offering education and training. Click for training.

Good Shepherd provides several opportunities throughout the year for mental health training. Your response can make all the difference.  Find Hope Training details HERE.

Share resources.

We want to collaborate with the community so that we can point you to helpful resources when you need them. Click for Community Resources.

Offer hope.

God calls us into lives of meaning and purpose and joy. There is hope in knowing that God has a plan for you and you are not alone. Click for hope.

We pray that you will find what you need here — the friendship, the love, the removal of stigma, the practical help, the hope that you need.

Romans 15:13 – May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Contact Us!

If you would like further help connecting to resources, email the HOPE ministry ​team at HOPE4MH@goodshepherd-naperville.org. A team leader will reply within 48 hours.






Crisis Intervention
If you or someone you know is in crisis right now, please call 911 and ask for a “CIT officer.” They are specially-trained in crisis intervention. If you or someone you know is considering self-harm, please contact the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), chat online at www.IMALIVE.org or text “REACH” to 741741.
These resources are available in the community to those in need of care and support. Although Good Shepherd is not affiliated with these organizations, these resources are available to equip people with information in times of crisis.
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Hope Training 90-Minute Mental Health Training
Mental health issues affect one in five American adults in any given year, yet so few of us have a good understanding of mental health. These courses, led by a mental health professional, will give you an overview of mental health conditions so that you can recognize the symptoms, learn about treatment options, and challenge some of the stereotypes that often hinder help. Your response can make all the difference. 

There is HOPE for mental health:

Help remove the stigma Outline common conditions Promote open communication
Encourage empathy 

Future training events will be listed here when details become available.

For more information, reach out to our ministry leader by using the button below.
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Anonymous Screenings External Resources
Assess your risk for depression, anxiety or addiction. These assessments are available for a quick, free, and anonymous analysis of your mental health. Good Shepherd is not affiliated in any way with these assessments, nor do we provide treatment for disorders. We merely offer these assessments to you so that you can understand your risk and pursue next steps. Links for Anonymous Screening  
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