Update: January 14, 2021

On January 24, we plan to allow congregants to attend in-person worship!

As we did before, we will observe mask wearing and social distancing protocols as well as the cleaning of spaces.


In an effort to keep our worship teams safe and at the same time allow more people to safely attend, all services will be in the Sanctuary. The traditional service will still be at 8:30am and contemporary at 10:00am. Both services will have the pastor in person as well as communion served. The music portions will be created by our respective teams and shown on screen. Again, this allows us the greatest flexibility in creating moving worship moment while making sure our worship teams can stay healthy.

This is Phase 1 of our reopening plan. As we continue to monitor the progress of the pandemic and the efforts to quell it, we will keep everyone closely informed as to future plans. That said, we all look forward to the day when we can resume our full slate of services and allow as many people as want to attend the opportunity to do so.

Finally, we will continue to improve and expand our digital reach as that has already shown great promise in offering Jesus’ message to the world. We invite you to consider yourself as an ambassador of Christ and remember that we are the church in the world as well as in 1310 Shepherd Drive. The need has never been greater than in these troubled times— let’s be the hands and feet of Christ as we minister to everyone in our community and beyond!