Chris McKenzie

Worship Coordinator

I am so grateful to be able to work at church, where we can pray regularly, where staff is community and family, and where I get to be in His presence every single day.

I grew up in Iowa, moved to Naperville, and went back to the University of Iowa for college. After graduating I got into Operations in several different industries, the last of which had me as Director of Sales and Marketing for a great family-owned company. I learned a ton about processes and systems and people and making things happen – all of which I happily bring to Good Shepherd as the Worship Coordinator. You may never see me on camera (thank heavens!) or hear me through a microphone (you are welcome!) but I thoroughly enjoy contributing behind the scenes.

I got married in the last millennium to Christy, who is way more than I deserve. We have 2 amazing adult children who are poised to set the world on fire. Since they are all adults and mature, I spend most of my time with my dogs, who seem to understand better than most. We spend a lot of time gardening and hangin’ outside. You are welcome to hang out with us anytime.